Many jewelry artisans describe their work well with cleverly chosen names and inspiring descriptions. One artisan I featured before Cynthia Daniels of Jewelry Tales, writes a short story to accompany each piece. Here is another literary inclined artisan on Etsy who writes haiku poems for each of her pieces!

The Storybeader aka as Deborah Baroff hails from Oklahoma. She says, "I'm a frustrated writer who likes to put words and colors together to make wearable art. How do you wear words, you ask? I suppose my haiku poems can float around in your brain as you sashay down the lane, wearing one of my necklaces."

I particularly like both her fancy jasper cabochon and the accompanying haiku which reads :

"He got down on his
Right knee and presented the
Princess with a ring"

Somehow the bends in her wire work must have reminded her of bended knees!

Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry has three metrical phases - 5,7,5. The Japanese usually write them in a single line but English versions appear in three lines.

Deb's pumpkin magnesite and blanket bead necklace inspired this haiku :

"She laid the golden
Blanket on the bed, waiting
For friends to arrive."

Every single one of the Storybeader's creations has a specially crafted haiku. Now how novel is that?

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