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Bead and Wire Flower Tutorials

Around here, where winters are long, some of us have an alternative word for cabin fever - "farched". It's the frustrated feeling of having been cooped up indoors for so long during the cold months that by February or March, one becomes "farched" out. This is the time of year when gardeners long to see spring flowers. So if you are "farched" out and the ground is still frozen, why not create flowers indoors? Here are three of my favourite free bead and wire flower tutorials from the web.

Briolette Flower Tutorial is an excellent guide (update : no longer available) .You can use either gemstone or glass briolettes to make a wonderful pendant.

Craftypod's How to Crochet a Wire Flower Pendant tutorial is definitely for those who love working with hooks. How large the flower becomes is determined by the size of the crochet hook used.

The Bead Studio's Beaded Flower is a sculpted vision. (Update : link no longer available).  The technique used is similar to that used to make beaded animals. It is a very versatile design for it can be a brooch, a magnificent necklace focal, hair adornment or even for decorating non-jewelry items like napkin rings.

Blue g's bead and wire flower tutorial was originally designed for a brooch to adorn her knitted shawl. It's a versatile design that's easy and suitable for other pieces of jewelry too.

Perhaps these tutorials will inspire lots of jewelry making so that by the time you have exhausted beaded flowers, the real ones in the garden would be out!
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  1. I'm further south but am definitely "farched".
    I really like the first one best. Great idea.

  2. Well I'm about 'farched' out too! Making bead flowers seems like the perfect solution to me!

  3. Wow, I love the third one for it's versatility. Making some hair adornments with those would be so beautiful!!!

  4. We had 61 degrees today! It was wonderful but I would love to see some flowers myself. Great tutorials, thanks!

  5. I'm looking for patterns/instructions for African & other ethnic beadwork.[

    I already have patterns/instructions Native American.

    my email address is


  6. It's 2011 and "farched" is just around the corner. Sounds like farched is winter's equivalent of the Dog Days of Summer...those long, hot, lethargic days when one's energy is sapped from the heat and all one wishes to do is lie in a hammock and sip on iced tea. :)
    After viewing your 1/26/2011 post on beaded flowers this post was the next obvious hop. I've some odd mother-of-pearl marquise shaped beads and this has given me an idea of what I might be able to do with them. Wish me luck.

    ps...been having trouble with my computer today, it keeps freezing up on me. if this is a duplicate comment then feel free to delete. :)

  7. Thank you so much, this post is like a big blessing! It was exactly what I was looking for :)
    I have some Aquamarine Moss Brios, and I wanted to see what a flower would look like with them. Now I will be able to tell!
    Thank again :)


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