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Don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with having just blue earrings but you can sure jazz them up some more. One of my favourite ways is via color combinations like what Tammy did with her turquoise and peridot green earrings. I love how she graduated the bead sizes from large down to small and varied the shapes too. Most people would have put either more metal rondelles or used them only at the top but she threw them in low down in the design and against one small metal bead. It's details like this which make the design pop!

Laura's approach was different. She chose to contrast her royal blue millefiore and seed beads with bright copper. This stunning combination shows off the richness of the metal and made this blue shade regally lovely.

Beader Designs # : 475-476
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  1. So many beads, so many designs. Really great earrings!

  2. I love the different approaches that people make. They are all lovely.

  3. Both tips are excellent! I can't quite decide which pair I like best since both are truly pretty!

  4. I love Tammy's style, it shows she's not afraid to use colours. Good effort from Laura too but I prefer seed beeds on necklace.

    Well done to both ladies


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