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More Handmade Earring Wires
Part 2 of 2

If you love the look of hand forged ear wires but are not inclined to make them yourself, there are other artisans who do a great job. You can buy expertly crafted specialty ear wires from these two Etsy shops. Both Rocki and Kira are metalsmiths and full time jewelry artisans.

1. Rockis Supplies

Deb "Rocki" Adams makes delightfully named and unique ear wires. Who can resist her Signature Elfin or the Go Fly a Kite ear wires? She not only offers her designs in different metals but also in different finishes for example, the Signature Elfin pair below is oxidised sterling silver.

2. Original Beadwork

Kira Nelson of Milford, Connecticut is an amazing wire artisan who also sells her handmade findings. She even wholesales some designs if you like them enough to buy in a batch rather than pairs. I love her Curly Q, Fancy Heart and scrolled designs.

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  1. What a very sweet surprise! Thank you so much for featuring me - it is greatly appreciated!

    Kira has some wonderful designs as well!

    Love your blog :)

  2. You found some wonderful earwires!

  3. Your posts about ear wires are very inspiring to try some designs myself.
    BTW, I left you an award on my blog, so come and see.

  4. I like those. I am too impatient and just want an ear wire when I want it. I suppose I could just make a batch of ear wires. Good idea.

  5. Awesome earwires! They are even more versatile one may realize at first glance. I make some like the last pair, which can be wrapped and bejeweled like this:

    The same can be done with her hearts as well.

  6. Hi Pearl, This blog led me to Kira Nelson and I purchased some of her wire work components. I have since begun my own blog and I have written about my creations using the items I bought from her. I hope you will check it out, your comments and suggestions about my blog would be appreciated too. I am a daily reader of your blog, learn a lot from it. Thank you.

  7. Thanks Regina for being such a loyal reader! I've just popped by your new blog and followed it. It looks like you are off to a flying start!

  8. This is fantastic. Never seen before!


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