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Technology Inspired Jewelry
Part 2 of 2

Today, many jurisdictions do not allow hand held cell phone use whilst driving. So bluetooth devices hooked onto ears are all the rage because it means you can still communicate on phones without having to hold them. But have you noticed how downright ugly they are? They look like hearing aids on steroids!

Now take a look at this black Swarovski crystal number below. This blue tooth device vaguely resembles a round earring. Going high tech doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style especially if you like bling. Known as the Breeze, this sparkly number is available in either black or white for $260 from the Swarovski online store . Yep, style costs if it is Swarovski!  (update - link no longer works)

blue tooth ear jewelry

Many people using computers today also use USB flash drives for additional storage and as data backups. Indeed, I use these things to backup all my critical photos and jewelry business data. But like blue tooth devices, they are utilitarian in looks. Lately though, manufacturers have woken up to the idea some women may prefer prettier versions.

Back in 2007, I wrote about a heart shaped USB flash drive pendant, a lovely Swarovski crystal number. Now there are tons of such jewelry items at various price points. One example is the pretty crystal rose pendant 8G USB flash drive from for just $37. This is a super buy for the price - 8G! I would wear this on a long chain so it can be quickly removed for use.

Wearing a USB flash drive really makes sense if you frequently misplace these devices. For bracelet fans, here is the Jewel USB bracelet also from Available in either gold or silver tones, it costs just $33 for 8G.

If all that glitter is not your style, how about doing beaded covers for them just to make them unique? If you do this, be sure to email me a picture of your creation!

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  1. I like the blue tooth bling, really cute!

  2. What a cool idea. I have several USB flash drives and would like them better if they were prettier. Hmmm...

  3. Nice article!! Where have I been? This is the first I have seen of these. I am going to have to have one!! Thanks for sharing!! Lisa C.,

  4. Okay, now this IS a first! I actually forwarded this post to my IT husband. Of course, the subject line was "gee, Mother's Day is coming . . . "
    I REALLY like those flash drives!

  5. Hm, I have a real ugly, grey USB flash drive I use very often. A peyote or netted cover would look nice! Maybe with elastic thread, so I can slide it on and off if needed.

  6. I'm pretty tempted myself - the next USB flash drive I buy is going to be pretty!

    Debbie - I'm looking forward to seeing what your Mother's Day gift is going to be this year!

    Kokopelli/Dagmar - What a marvellous idea - beaded covers with elastic thread. Be sure to send me a photo!

  7. The USB bracelets are fantastic, love that idea!

  8. Swarovski makes everything better... and that's the cutest flash drive I have ever seen!

  9. I've been receiving your blog daily for a few months. Bev Carlson put me onto it.
    Just love it !!!!

    The line in this one "like a hearing aid on steroids" was hysterical. I am an audiologist and the comparison of bluetooth devices to hearing aids is a common conversation. It's actually making acceptance of hearing aids easier.

    I love your daily inspiration !!!

  10. Oh my God, - that Swarovski bluetooth set is a must have!!! Going to the top of our most wanted list that's for sure. Bring on the bling.


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