Technology Inspired Jewelry
Part 1 of 2

Know a techie? Then you just have to make or get them geeky jewelry. They will get a kick out of them. I've been "collecting" this set of geeky jewelry for ages ready for this post.

One of the finest examples has got to be the Silicon Gallies or Next Generation Glass Tile Pendant by Capitolagirl on Etsy (no longer available). Her silver laptop computer key on top of a glass tile is pure high tech class. You get to choose your own letter or number. BTW she reads this blog too!

The Click necklace ($25) from Supermarket makes a very clever gift for some one you "click" with! Via

These HTML Head sterling silver earrings by Nicholasandfelice on Etsy are cute! Via

These clever Fimo clay blackberry earrings by picnicbybarbfeldman on Etsy are sure to please the hardcore "crackberry" users. Via

The Shift Key earrings by thelovelyteaspoon on Etsy have been adorned with little blue hearts. Via

Power button earrings by meleiaearrings on Etsy feature real Apple Macbook keys. Via

The @ sign charm from Forzieri

The Forward Button Ring by Fred Flare ($20) is a white acrylic ring which perhaps shows you how forward thinking you are? Via

The FTW Necklace by NBsCloset on Etsy ($18) is made from black acrylic. FTW stands for "For The Win" which is a Twitter abbreviation. Via

This tiny mini computer pendant from Shanalogic shows an 80's style computer complete with rhinestones on the screen. (no longer available) Via

Last but not least, we can LOL (Laugh Out Loud) at life's foibles with this LOL necklace by Boomtisca on Etsy.

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