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Earrings to Match a Middle Eastern Necklace

I either have a serious bead addiction or it was just plain luck Annette managed to find just the right colored beads for her earrings to match the Middle Eastern necklace she received as a gift. I don't really know what stone the rich reddish brown beads were but they look particularly lovely against the decorative silver metal beads. All Annette had to do for her earrings was to team the beads from my collection with pewter cones and metallic tube beads.

I've noticed that many women do want sets of jewelry. Annette is not the first person I've come across who needed earrings for an existing piece. I've also noticed people asking for matching pieces when I make jewelry to sell so now I do!

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  1. The earrings match perfectly.
    Earrings are an important part of my jewelry. More than anything else. Well, plus a bracelet.

  2. One lady I used to sell to always wanted a necklace, earrings and a bracelet. I like to mix and match more. When I wear jewelry that is.

  3. as a bead maker, I have to say the matching thing comes and goes, sometimes I have a client who wants just the small set of beads, others a larger set for matching earrings to go with the necklace or bracelet...
    lately I think the matching is more asked for than its a trend on the up swing again...
    lovely work...

  4. That's one thing I love about making my own jewelry (and making jewelry for customers): you can always make a matching piece. With my customers sets sell very good and people like the look of matching things, especially in jewelry.


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