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How could any one possibly go wrong with jewelry gifts for Valentine's Day? Apparently some men do. Big time.
Remist (Update : link no longer available), an online Hawaiian jewelry company ran a contest in the run up to Valentine's Day last month.

They just released the list of the contest winners who shared their worst Valentine's Day gift stories. How the staff must have chuckled as they sifted through some 100 entries! These included the two-timing idiot who managed to mix up the names on the gift tags of negligees he was giving to two women.

Below are summaries of the two best jewelry related stories they picked. Needless to say, there were no happy endings.

Cremated Dog
The winning entry was Beth S.'s story of the clueless man she was dating whose beloved dog had died. Evidently dog cremations cost a pretty penny and there was no money left over for his lady love's Valentine's Day gift. So he gave her the silver heart from his dog's collar - as is, doggy smell and all with some dog hair still attached, with a chain from his ex-girlfriend!

Cheapskate Story
One of the runner-ups, Rhonda B. wrote in to tell of her excitement when she received a gold ring with a 1 carat diamond from her boyfriend along with a sweet proposal to be his Valentine for life. The only problem was the "gold" turned her finger green and the seller of the ring began hounding the BF for the rest of the $100 he was owed!

Do you have a worst Valentine's Day gift story to share?
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  1. To Funny!
    The first two gifts my husband gave me (before we were married)were 1) a sewing machine (my Mother made him promise he would take it back if we broke up) and 2) The Joy of Cooking Cook book.
    He was and is a very practical man! But I love him!!!

  2. my best one was a set of miniature pliers from my son- as valentine's day is also my birthday they have to really think of something special- but then shows how well my son knows me- he bought me a full set of carving tools for Mother's day as well


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