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The Red Bull Art of Can is a rather unusual exhibition as it celebrates the best artwork made from, you guessed it, the energy drink aluminium cans. Red Bull Art of the Can exhibitions have been around for several years both in the US and in other countries. What a wonderful way to encourage recycling! They are now seeking new entrants for this fall's exhibition in Washington D.C with a closing date of May 15. Registration is free.

They welcome everyone with no holds barred on creativity. Past entries including amazing sculptures, paintings, digital/graphic designs, dresses and even jewelry like Patsy Davila's creation above for a past exhibition.

Judges will pick the top 40-60 pieces for the national exhibition. The criteria are the 3 C's - "Creativity (overall idea behind the piece), Conceptual execution (how well the piece translates the idea) and Construction (quality of production/final presentation). A select few will be included in their advertising material. First prize is an all expense trip for 2 to Art Basel, Switzerland , the world's premier modern and contemporary art fair! Second place winner gets to go to Art Basel Miami and the third gets a customized local art exhibition.

But even if you don't win, think of the publicity.

Some of my favorites from past exhibitions include, Michael Fiedler's Unbridled - a witty take on the "bull in a china shop", Arthur Porter's Fuel Collection dress and Kym Ohna's Bullsuit - "a swimsuit meets chastity belt" affair. Ouch. For more pictures and a video of some exhibition pieces, click here. Some of the artists used hundreds of cans of Red Bull. I wonder if they drank all of them?

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