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Remember my past post on Kate Cusack's amazing zipper jewelry including her fabulous zipper flower brooch? Well, you can now try making it yourself.

New York based Annie Mistak has provided the Zipper Flower How-to on Martha Stewart (link no longer available) There is also a video of the taped tv episode (link no longer available) with Annie demonstrating the craft with Martha Stewart. It aired back in December 2008. She suggests these flowers can be applied in many places - as shoe clips and even dog collars!

However, if you're all thumbs and would rather just purchase these pretty and unusual flowers, Annie sells zipper barrettes, brooches, pony tail holders, headbands and other accessories on her website (no longer available). She doesn't use metal zippers for the flower pony tail holders because of the potential for hair pulling.


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  1. Cute idea. I'll have to hunt for my stache.

  2. When we went to the Fuller Craft Museum the other day, we saw Kate's zipper jewelry in the Gift shop.Fun to see it in person.

  3. It would appear that I'm into flowers today as I've hopped from one flower project to another. :) Pearl you're incredible and I'm always amazed at the many tutorials and bits of information you manage to glean from the sources you have at hand.

    I have seen some versions of zipper jewelry before(probably right here on The Beading Gem's fantastic site) but this is the first time I've seen them fashioned into flowers. Who knew that something so utilitarian could also be used so artistically?


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