Of Tropical Lagoons
Part 1 of 2
Winter made a very slow exit this year. It was thus refreshing to see this blue green beaded necklace by Gerry. It reminds me of the play of blue and green colors of a tropical lagoon. One can dream.

I must say Debbie, my co-instructor and friend has a great eye for the prettiest beads and Gerry hovered over her collection for quite a while. Gerry used some really lovely faceted blue green flat oval beads near the pendant. She also concentrated the green beads towards the front of the necklace and went with iris green beads at the back.

Debbie is very fond of teal which is a dark shade of blue-green. Teal is equal parts blue and green. The word is derived from the common teal, a duck with feathers this color around its eyes. One great tip is to mix teal with coral pink.

Beader Design #:499
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