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$3000 Swarovski Crystal Bling-kini

The Anita is a $3,000 (£2000) limited edition handmade "bling-kini" by Pistol Panties, a swimwear company with famous clientele like Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria (Posh Spice) Beckham. It is encrusted with some 5,000 Swarovski crystals and features a beaded gold rope connector. Like the rest of their swimsuit collection, this Pistol Panties design is to help make you feel like a superstar.

You can't swim in it though. All that bling is strictly to show off your svelte self on some sunlight beach or poolside where the reflection off the crystals will likely light you up like a Christmas tree.

The new Spring/Summer 2009 design made its debut down the runway at Miami Fashion Week. It was designed exclusively for Selfridges, the British chain. Selfridges is so sure it'll fly off the shelves, they have set up a waiting list.

I'd rather have the Swarovski crystals for jewelry making. Wouldn't you?


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  1. What's the point of a swim suit that can't get wet? give me those crystals and I'll put them to better use :)

  2. Yeah I'd rather have the crystals for jewelry alright. I think as bikini bottoms they could cause some serious chafing! :-)

  3. Wot an absolute waste. Ditto, to using the crystals, I could make lovely jewellery for friends or even for myself to wear to a party.

    Talk of senseless style, which planet are these people on?!!

  4. I would love to have the models shape and the crystals, how is that for being greedy. Wonder what time of the morning some of these ideas occur.

  5. Sistren Pearl,

    Crystals in my crotch? OUCH! No thanks. Besides, if they made one for me it would take $300,000 worth of crystals.

    Bless Up,
    Lady Roots

  6. Probably too early in the morning!

    What I find incredible is not the design, but that there may be people who would actually buy the bling-kini.

  7. Lady Roots, Yep lots of crystals for me too. I guess there are lots of odd used for crystals. I've visited a Swarovski store (no beads) Talk about bling. Of course they have lots of bright lights.

  8. You sure right! Some people will buy the bling-kini to wear to clubs. They do have crazy people in this world who wouldn't mind wearing something like this. For me I’ll prefer to make a beautiful top with it.

  9. Interesting. That is a very colorful swimsuit. Sadly, one can't wear that while swimming. I'm an avid
    collector, and it looks like I hafta check your resource out. I wonder if they offer fab lingerie as well.

  10. I appreciate quality designer swimwear , but for some reason this is a little too much. Less is more!


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