Ex-Boyfriend Jewelry.com filled a void when it launched last year, and attracted plenty of media coverage at the same time. It is a place where people can sell off their "ex" jewelry safely and not have to resort to pawn shops or sleazy consignment stores in the wrong part of town.

It was those very forays into questionable places that made Megahn Perry say, "I want a safe, reliable place to sell my ex boyfriend jewelry" and later to start her website together with her stepmother, Marie Perry. ExboyfriendJewelry.com is a hit although some men considered their tag line "You don't want it, he can't have it back" as male bashing. The site caters mainly to women but it does serve both sexes to a tune of 3000 registered users and counting.

"Love's hangover". That was an actual phrase written by a woman who posted her ring for sale after her romantic relationship ended. Life happens. For some, there is no happy ever after. Many of the women tell sad stories of betrayal. One said, "He picked another woman and my consolation was I got to keep the ring." Others were far less restrained in their personal stories, even bitter.

One man's heart was broken and his bank account cleaned out after he plonked down $25K for a ring for a woman he thought was the one. Then " 8 months ago she took the ring off to work on things , just recently she said she would never wear it again." Now he hopes to recoup some of the money he spent on the white gold set 2.29ct Hearts on Fire Princess dream cut diamond ring. The fire sure got put out!

Sometimes women wrote rather philosophically about how their relationships ended. "Things just didn't work out. My loss is your gain" and "He was less than what I expected, BUT he had good taste in jewelry." Or even humorously like this ad which read "Hey, Mom and Dad, remember that time I got married really young? Sorry about that. I can't pay you back for the wedding, but I'll split whatever I get for these with you. Deal?"

Some episodes were painful but the sellers have moved on. "It is best summed up by saying it's better to have loved and lost than live with a psycho the rest of your life," one woman added. Men too have hooked up with female psychos much to their regret - "What else can I say, she's crazy and I need the ring gone."

Then there are the men who got lumbered with fickle women like this poor fellow who shared his story, "It's on!...No It's Off...It's back on...no it's off!I'm not referring to the ring either.Two strikes you're OUT! And this little Lady is movin' on! How many different times can you plan a wedding? I feel like a professional! So I bequeath this ring to find it's way happily to another Fem Fatal (sic)!

Sometimes though, the reason for the sale is just simply the need for money. Times are hard. Then there are also feel good ads where a relationship was rescued. This lady said, "My husband and I decided to start over and therefore that meant a new ring...at least for me :)"

Jewelry geeks love the site as they can get good bargains for their hoards. An optimistic male fan even wrote in to say "I can buy jewelry at a huge discount for future girlfriends...."


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