Antiqued copper is a lovely metal to work with. The subdued color is an attractive alternative to bright copper. Here are two beader designs which offer some tips when designing with antique copper components.

1. Mix bright copper with antiqued copper
Jillian's lovely copper earrings with the royal blue beads is mostly made of antiqued copper - all from Debbie's (Widget's Beads) collection. She went ahead and added hexagonal bright copper frames which made this part of the earrings a focal area.

2. Match antiqued copper with gold
Lynda's creation shows several innovative ideas. First she matched antiqued copper with the gold findings and golden hued beads including luscious looking silver foiled ones. Her white quartz gemstone focal bead is such a pretty contrast to the warm tones of the copper and gold.

3. Bunch together a whole lot of copper rondelles or daisy spacers
The other thing Lynda did came about by accident. She was rather taken by my copper rondelles which were strung together. Lynda had not realized they were all separate pieces. But then we thought why only use them individually? They looked so attractive altogether they soon became part of the necklace. We also placed two twist clasps in the front which could be considered a design feature but they also made it easier for Lynda to put on and take off her necklace.

"To teach is to learn twice" - Joseph Joubert, French author (1755-1824)
Beader Designs # : 502-503
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