Ethnic Inspirations
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Have you noticed the fashion for big handbags lately? There is a lot to be said for roomy handbags - more space to put all our knick knacks! Many people also favor large eye-catching jewelry and fortunately for them, big bling is in this spring. You can't get much larger than the accessories by Athenian designer, Maria Mastori’s over-sized jewelry. She was recently featured in the Greek edition of Elle magazine.

She has been producing her unique, bold tribal inspired jewelry for the last four years and has developed quite a fan base in her native country.

Pictured above is her wooden collar necklace from her 2007 collection. Below left are her huge cuff bracelets made from wood, silk threads, silver and agate. Her rings from black marble, silver and gold are hardly timid either.

She also has necklaces consisting of silk threads, silver and rock crystal which remind me of plaits or giant tassels. I actually rather like her tassel designs but I prefer them to be miniature and sized for earrings.

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