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Going with Gold and Neutral

I don't know about you, but I find that the vast majority of women here in North America prefer silver jewelry whereas in eastern countries, gold rules. So it is fun to come across women who do choose to make gold earrings like Pat. She made two pairs of earrings at a beading party.

She picked neutral colored millefiore beads with orangish-red splashes for her first pair. Note how she used red beads to compliment these splashes and brighten up her earring design.

She stuck to the neutral palate for her second pair. She teamed up black beads with transparent window beads with copper framing. Everyone should have a pair of simple, elegant and neutrally colored earrings like this for it goes with a lot of outfits.

Beader Design #: 493-494
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  1. The choice of silver over gold is more apt to be skin color. Light, pink skin looks best with silver. Darker, olive skin looks best with gold. I'm one of those silver people.

  2. I actually wear both. Paler skinned women can also wear gold and darker complexions, silver - I think it's really a matter of personal preference.

    The one metal to be careful with is copper because this orangish color does not flatter some people.

  3. Honestly I think I wear silver because my very first boyfriend gave me a ring made out of white gold, and then a necklace. My ex-husband gave me gold - yeah - I'm sticking with silver. :)
    Nice earrings!

  4. they are lovely, red looks so good with gold, it is very true about gold being used more in the east...I like silver better myself too...

  5. Here in Germany, I have the impression that elder women (not to offend anyone!) wear mostly gold and younger mostly silver. But it depends on personal preference and I am a silver person.


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