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The World's Most Pierced Woman

Image by George Gastin via Wikipedia

I didn't think anyone could possibly add any more piercings to the human body than Brazilian born Elaine Davidson . However, the world's most metal jewelry adorned woman is now up to 6,005 piercings as of February 2009.

That's considerably more than the 462 she had back in 2000 when she was awarded the title by the Guinness Book of Records. Of the 6,005 piercings, more than 1,500 are internal - you'll have to use your imagination to figure out where they might be. All that jewelry weighs an estimated 3 kg or more than 6 lbs!!

Davidson actually doesn't enjoy being pierced but she wanted to break the record. At the rate she is going, nobody is going to catch up any time soon. She says "People often just want to look at me or touch me - some even want to kiss me". She never removes her jewelry and thus sleeps with it all on. Once a nurse, Davidson not surprisingly now owns her own body piercing, tattoo and aromatherapy shop in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Elaine DavidsonImage by Morbuto via Wikipedia

 The video below was made in 2008. You can see more photos of this unusual lady here.
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  1. OH BLECH!!!! WHY??? Add to all the metal - weird makeup and she just looks like a freak. When she stuck her finger through her tongue I had to look away. Yuk!!
    Why didn't she just opt for tattoos? Shivers ..

  2. Thanks for sharing the link:) I'm a fan of tattoos and piercings and I had never heard of her. Can't say that I'd want to go that route, but I do have a few of my own. I'm all for people expressing themselves however they want to though.
    That is indeed some unusual jewelry!

  3. OMG Ican't believe anyone would do that to themselves. You would think she would have blood poisoning from all of those piercings.

  4. each his/her own! It wouldn't be something I'm interested in but if it makes her happy,who am I to object...she is an adult!

    I do have to say...I often wonder how people who have visible tattoos and piercings all over their bodies feel about it when they reach their 70's and 80's...not sure it would hold the same appeal to them???

  5. Two of my beading buddies were talking about this post this afternoon. We all agree with BetteJo Bleeh!

  6. I saw her on tv a few years ago and was thinking back then: ouch! I've definitely enough piercings with my two ear holes.

  7. OMGOSH! I've seen another person like this, but now that I think about it... it may be the same gal.
    Funny, and my friend thought I was crazy getting my belly & nose pierced! Wait til she gets a load of this gal!

  8. Eeeew! Man, that's a decision that would be hard to change your mind on once it's been done!

  9. If she walks past a magnet god help her. Its not right to have that many piercings.

  10. How does she eat with all of that metal in here mouth??? Really odd :-)

  11. Certainly not my cup of tea. I recall reading that a lot of dentist see patients with broken teeth due to biting down on metal tongue and lip piercing jewelry.
    I can't help but wonder if there will come a day when these over zealous piercers will regret their fervor for piercings?


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