Still finding it difficult to come up with a Father's Day gift? It's frustrating to be a jewelry artisan and the men you know and love just don't wear any. You can blame Beau Brummel, the 18th century metrosexual who set what men should and shouldn't wear for the past 200 years.

But if you are into chain maille like Carol is, key chain charms are the way to go. She has made a number for other people. The byzantine key chain in copper on the left is her own. Her design is based on one she saw in a chain maille book.

Other designs include a lovely Persian weave silver and black cross key chain charm by Lovli of Vancouver, Canada. The Simple Twist of Fate key chain charm is a barrel weave with a mobius flower at the end (below right). The Texas based designers - a whole family called the Helmrichs - sell them in a variety of colors through Unkamengifts on Etsy.

Mirricat on Artfire also created a colorful dragonscale key chain charm in teal and gold (below left). The Celtic Star chain maille key chain charm was made by Chicki on

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