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I've only ever bought one watch face. It's sitting still wrapped up in tissue in the drawer of my work table. I really think I need inspiration to kick start into making watch bracelets.

One artisan who loves making timely design statements is Stephanie over at Crystal Allure. This design above is a moss agate and Swarovski pearl affair from her shop. It's the one she picked and sent for my Reader Gallery (hint- send me your link if you haven't done so). She loves making watch bracelets because you get both form and function.

Stephanie chose to place the watch face in the conventional way. But do you have to? Nope. NikkiNakkyNoos,a British artisan likes to design hers using the watch face as a charm. Fun! Her watch bracelet designs remind me of bead treasure troves.

If you are feeling inspired already and want to try making your own version, check out the video on how to make jewelry watch bands. Making a watch bracelet is rather like making ordinary bracelets. So the presenter just goes over a couple of ways to bead the strap and the clasps you can use. I like her double stranded one.


But with Father's Day coming soon, you may like to make a leather watchband for the special man in your life. The Craftbits project is easy to do. It's a great design for those people whose skin discolors in contact with some metals.

Still stumped? Then check out Burberry's smart new triple wrap leather strap watches for men. Macho watch bling for trendy men!

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For more tutorials check out my Jewelry Making Tips

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  1. You've inspired me. I have some watch faces sitting in my stash. Today I'll tackle them.

  2. . . . I have some too! I really like those last men's watches though - very cool!

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my Moss Agate watch Pearl! I hopped on over to check out the latest readings and found this post (we've been busy with a new "puppy" in the house). Strangely, I've had watches in my business since the beginning but they didn't pick up until a few years ago. Now I can barely keep them in stock! I'll soon have a super new line of watches to choose from....can't wait for my shipment of watch faces to arrive!

  4. It was my pleasure, Stephanie. After a comment like that, you have definitely inspired us to try!


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