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InfiniteGlam's Fabulous Gemstone Wire Work Jewelry

Delicious. That's the only word I have for the wire work artistry of Infiniteglam on Etsy. The jewelry pieces are dripping with top quality (AA to AAA) gemstones, intricately woven and "stitched" with sterling silver which is then oxidised.

Emi Kaz is the Malaysian artisan behind Infiniteglam. He is very new on Etsy and declared his passion to create bold and unique jewelry in his profile. It's a good thing I caught his tweet on Twitter.

He certainly isn't shy about using tons of mouth-watering gemstones in his work. Above is his Swiss Champagne earrings with a whopping 68 carat total weight (ctw)in Swiss blue topaz, champagne citrine, amethyst and neon blue gemstones. These large earrings are not for shrinking violets - both earrings do not fit on a palm!

I also liked his Lush Cocktail necklace with an unusual asymmetrical pendant design. The list of gemstones he used in this design is long - garnet, citrine, amethyst, kyanite, rutilated quartz,blue topaz and peridot. Did I miss any out?

His Enchanted floral lariat necklace was inspired by flowers at night. Standing in for the flowers are lemon topaz, amethyst, vesuvianite, citrine, mandarin garnet and yellow sapphire.

But Emi does make simpler contemporary style pieces. I particularly liked his kyanite ring. Unique and fabulous.

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  1. Holy cow what a talented and creative guy! It's almost like he has so many ideas he puts them all into each piece! I really love that middle pendent!

  2. WOW!!!!!!!! I love it and I need to see more!!!

  3. My mouth won't stop watering.... OMG!!


  4. the amount of energy he focuses into one piece is astonishing!

  5. Emi Kaz is multi faceted, and I don't mean his gemstones. The ring is a fine example of simplicity, clean fluid lines with almost a minimalist, Zen like quality, whereas the other pieces are very intricate, highly detailed and elaborate.

    Since the pair of Swiss Champagne earrings will not fit on the surface of one's palm I do wonder how heavy they might be?

  6. Hm, not sure if my comment went through as my monitor turned white with the message "Server Error unable to connect with the Internet". After clicking the refresh button I got another pop-up warning me that if I was placing an order not to click the retry button as I might end up with a duplicate order. Since I was not ordering anything I hit the retry and am now back on your comment page where there's a message that says; "You comment will be visible after approval"...but really? =o


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