Yvonne brought a jewelry piece she had to a workshop. It was a dull design and seriously needed a makeover if she was ever to wear it again. So she took it apart and introduced brightly hued cherry quartz beads. These were both round as well as oval, side drilled ones.

She also used some of my clear blue glass cylinders. She reused the pendant and viola! A "new" design! Yvonne designed some earrings to match the colors of her necklace. Interestingly, she chose one pink (rose quartz) and one green (aventurine) side drilled diamond shaped beads for her hoop style earrings.

We often tell beaders at our workshops to bring unloved pieces or even sentimental but outdated jewelry to remake them into something wearable.

Sometimes beaders do restring broken pieces - we can do a fair amount of simple repairs short of soldering! It's no point hoarding jewelry you are never going to wear. It's also a shame to just throw them away. So makeover jewelry is a form of eco jewelry or recycled jewelry.

Beader design #: 508
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