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There are so many wonderful jewelry designs out there. Try as I might, I cannot possibly cover them all. So I am starting this page of inspirational designs by readers like you! The link to this page is at the top of my homepage.

There are three simple requirements :
1. Designs must be handmade.
2. Designs have to be linked to a specific design from an online store, forum gallery listing, Facebook or a blog post. Do send URL links. Do not send photos attached in emails.
3. You have to be a follower or subscriber (free).

Don't know how to subscribe? Check this post. If you prefer to be a follower through Blogger's Follow system, my Twitter, or my Facebook Page, that's okay too.

What do I mean by inspirational? A design with the wow factor - something you are proud of and want to show off and inspire others. Sometimes spectacular designs came about the hard way. Lady Roots' Tri-Tri-Tri bracelet below was created with much trial and error. She kept looking at the thread pattern in pictures because she had no books or tutorials to learn the triangular/open triangular stitch. Her dogged persistence was truly inspirational! Never give up.

So put on your thinking caps, choose one of your own designs which you think will inspire, then send me your link! Tell your friends too. This gallery is always open to more designs from now on. I have canvassed a few subscribers below to get the ball rolling. My email is beadinggem[at]yahoo dot ca.And oh, if you are so taken by any of these designs, please share your comments.

Citrine marquise and Hill Tribe silver necklace (pictured above) by The Bead Sisterhood
Earthy Lampwork Bead and Silver Bracelet by BetteJo's Bead Creations

Tri Tri Tri Beaded Bracelet by LadyRoots on Voice from Jamaica
Moss Agate and Pearl Watch Bracelet by Crystal Allure

Blue and White Box Chain Maille Necklace by Bev's Jewelry

Dogwood Flower Necklace by Shelly Hughes.
Inspiration A Reversible Pendant Beadwork necklace by Beadsforever
Fancy Jasper Flower Bracelet by SundanceGems
Black and White shell Upcycled Necklace by Lindab142
Turk's Head Knotted Bracelet by George Hutchinson
Matte Onyx and Agate choker necklace by CrystalMango
Chain Maille Cross by Shealynn

Funky Chunky Mixed Media Necklace by Tilly over at the This, That and Everything Inbetween blog.

 Long Dangle Sterling Silver Chain Pearl Earrings by Wendy of Sweetwater Gifts

This beautiful beaded gemstone cuff is by Nissa Zaidi :

A delicate wire work necklace design by Tamara Zecevic whose online store is called Eman Bej Unique Jewelry.

Rainbow colored bangles made from polymer clay scraps by Klio.

Freshwater pearl chain earrings by Fortune Jewels which were inspired by beaches and sunny days.

Braided Statement Necklace by Whimsical Jewelry for a bold look!

Paper Ball Earrings by Oana Ruxandra Stancu aka PapadiileRuxandrei.

Tree of Life Labradorite Moon Necklaces by Vixens Natural Jewelry

Stainless steel chain wrap bracelet by Mai's Jewelry

Handmade Statement Necklace - Upcycled Yellow Flowers by BluKatDesign

 Floating Pearls - silver and pearl nautilus earrings by Rumaancrafts

Aventurine and pearl drop beaded earrings by Queen Bee Jewel Gallery

Avatar Inspired Tree of Souls Bead Embroidery Cuff by Jewelry Taylor Made.

Black Floral Faux Leather Necklace by Fiorella Designs.

Felted Barred Owl necklace by Karen Makes Stuff

Bead Quilled Necklace by Orly Burg.

Rose Quartz Wire Crochet Bracelet by Katie Epstein of  Have2HaveIt Handcrafted Jewelry

Copper and Vines necklace by Erika with a K Designs.

Blue Ocean Carnelian (cornelian) necklace by Tree Craft Diary

Caprilicious Jewellery's Love's Sweet Scent statement necklace

Bold in Red necklace designed by Beaded Creations.

Heavenly necklace by Ransomed Jewelry.

Geometric Leather Necklace by Kadianne Scott of  Black and Gold Fashions.

Wilma of Perpetual Art and Craft created this recycled plastic bottle pendant design.

Elayine of Astronomy Girl Designs created this Black Moon jewelry bag design.

This Beaded Glamor necklace is by Tamera Davis on her Etsy Store Ab Intra Jewelry.

Gift Fairy's Soutache Necklace (link no longer available)

Wire wrapped copper heart pendant by Shirin Designs.

Steampunk Style Pendant by Art by Wendy.

This asymmetrical necklace is by Arnaz of OSoFree Jewelry

Tea for Two jewelry set by Mixed Media Baubles

Abstract Circle Enamel Necklace by Craftlet

Wire Wrapped Stone and Leather Cord Bracelets by Any Day Jewelry

Original Post by THE BEADING GEM
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  1. Pearl, thanks for featuring my "inspirational piece"
    Note: it is a necklace not a bracelet. (I may have written that, I do that sometimes)
    Great new feature for your blog.

  2. Ooops! I've corrected it to necklace. The error was mine. That's the trouble of doing things late at night!

    I do hope people will enjoy this oogling feature.

  3. Yay! Love this new feature - thanks for including me. Love the Bead Sisterhood's necklace up top - really striking!

  4. Thanks for including me. I love this new feature!

  5. Fantastic new feature! And I'm so honored to have my beaded watch part of the gallery, thanks so much Pearl! I'm looking forward to seeing all the wonderful work out there!

  6. Very cool feature Pearl! Still lovin' your posts everday! Still wondering how you do it too! :-) Tamara

  7. I'm a new follower and hope to find an inspired piece in my shop to share with your readers.

  8. Thanks for posting my Turks Head bracelet with the red beads! Black and red is always a powerful color combination.


    Is this still open? I'm a 16 year old newcomer to jewelry making and I love your blog-- its my favorite way to find new tutorials.

  10. I really like the Moss Agate and Pearl Watch Bracelet.

    It definitely has the wow factor. Elegant, chic, understated.

  11. Some amazing pieces of jewellery. here. Really inspiring.

  12. Hi Pearl,

    Thank you for replying to my email. The tips were able to improve my blog. I really find your blog very helpful. I wish I had discovered it when I started out with accessory making.

    I look forward to getting featured on your blog!

  13. I love knowing that you are always out there sharing, helping and getting the whole networking thing right! I truly appreciate you Pearl.

  14. Thank you Pearl for including my Heavenly Necklace! The link for "Ransomed Jewelry" doesn't work, thought I'd let you know :)

  15. Yikes! Thanks for letting me know - I have corrected the code so the link should now work!

  16. I am a dedicated follower and I can't believe I've missed this post! I really hope to make a piece one day that I'll consider worthy to offer for posting :)

  17. Wow some really beautiful pieces, I hope to have one ready to submit soon. Still a rookie, at the blogging thing. Love all the tips and sense of shared community on your blog. Think I wanna be like you when I "grow up"

  18. Thank you for adding my Jewellery bag to the inspiration gallery. There is some amazing work here!

  19. I really love the watch bracelet. It is really beautiful. And I guess it is so perfect for an everyday use. Thanks a lot for sharing these inspirations.


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