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Rockettoro's Handmade Glass Vase Pendants

Real Flower Jewelry
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Now how is this for customization? Rockettro's handmade glass pendants lets you wear your favorite blooms and keeps them fresh at the same time!

You can coordinate with an outfit for your own individual style. With summer coming soon, you could use flowers from your garden all season long! They are perfect for proms, for bridesmaids or simply for fun.

The Toronto based Canadian artisan, Izik Levy, makes the glass vases such that the water doesn't slosh out when you move. Just tip the vase pendant upside down and shake slightly to empty it out. The pendants come with either sterling silver chains or black cords. Via

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  1. Now there's a thought. And you could pick a flower that is particularly fragrant so you smell good too!

  2. Finally someone comes up with something totally unique! I love how just a little flower or a sprig of grass could completely change the look of the jewelry! I wonder if something like this could be created in polymer clay? Will have to put on my thinking cap!

  3. I'm sure you can make a polymer clay vase pendant - it needs to be well sealed to hold water. Pearl

  4. I love the idea!! Go natural and use a fragrant flower rather then perfume

  5. This is awesome. You could probably wear a sprig of thyme, sage or dill as well :-)


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