One of the reasons why Debbie and I enjoy doing workshops so much is because beginner beaders very often do new and unexpected things. They are not burdened by habit or conventional practices.

Karla actually did two uncommon things in her vintage copper earring designs. First she attached a simple chandelier style finding all by itself in the front of her layered design. Then she hung the beaded dangles at the back. The result is a unique pair of earrings showing depth, originality and an antique style which befits the vintage metal used.

12 year old Sarah tackled her very first wire crochet bracelet. She chose seed beads in delicate pinks,teal and peridot green for her vintage copper design. What was different was her choice of large bead caps at the clasp ends. I don't think Sarah knew what type of beads those were and how they are used. All she knew was she liked them and they added a touch of fun and individualism to her creation.

Beader Designs #:510-511

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