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Affordable Prom Jewelry?

affordable prom dresses

In North America, the prom is THE event of the year for graduating high school students. The occasion started of as a formal dinner and dance but in recent years has escalated to teenaged extravanganzas - hired limosines, expensive formal wear, makeup and hair sessions and so on. But for many girls this year, prom fashion will not be about what to wear but how much it's going to cost. It may be no bad thing in this current economic climate to scale down the prom to reasonable expectations.

The New York times reported earlier this year that prom dresses are still selling even in hard hit areas. Many families are forgoing other things just to make sure their kids had a good time at the prom. But many more teenagers this year are putting their prom gowns on layaway programs than they did last year.

Recycling, making their own dresses or renting them are other options. Finding affordable accessories after spending on the dress may be a bit tricky. The savy can borrow or even rent prom jewelry but for the smart girl handmade jewelry will be just the ticket. It's one of a kind artisan designed jewelry for ultimate customization and style.

The question is, have any of you noticed an increase in sales from prom goers this year?
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  1. Not me. But I don't think it's a bad thing for prom to be scaled back - things like that are getting way out of hand and being a single mom by the time my daughter was ready to go, all the "stuff" was hard to afford.

  2. well its not just in North America, this past year we lived in England and it is going on hard there too, my friend said when she was growing up it was not like this, but more and more the English are borrowing our love of big expensive weddings and proms...great post...thanks for the share...

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  4. Glad to see they are being more reasonable with prom costs.


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