jewelry makingThere are three reasons why you might like to make your own beaded toggle and bar clasp :

1. You forgot to order some and are out
2. Sticker shock at how much some sterling silver (or heaven forbid) gold filled ones cost
3. Want a custom design to match the bracelet

For me it was all of the above. If you are game to try, here's how to make your own. The relative sizes of the bar and toggle will depend on personal preference and the actual jewelry design. So try it out with some copper wire first.

1. Cut about 4-5 inches of 20G wire
2. Stalk around the house and find a suitable round object or use your ring mandrel.
3. Form the wire around the mandrel and create a wrapped loop with one end.

4. Then load up the rounded wire with beads of your choice.
5. Complete the wrap underneath the first and you're done with the toggle part.

6. Take another 4- 5 inches of wire and wrap it round your pliers somewhere in the middle.
7. Twist the wires so they look like the bottom right picture.

8. Load up one end with enough beads so the actual length of bar will be the right one for your toggle.
9. Wire wrap the end - this will be more secure than just a simple loop. Then repeat for the other side. That's it - nice and simple. There are loads of variations with wire and beads you can do to make this basic design your own.

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