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Anti-theft jewelry safe for the beach

It's fun to go to the beach but not so much for the person who has to stand guard over the valuables. Chris Statton has come up with this intriguing concept design called the Gigga Clam safe. It's waterproof and is roomy enough to keep your jewelry, watch, keys, ipod, whatever. You lock then bury it in the sand out of sight.

I know what you're thinking. Somebody is sure to notice you burying the clam safe and steal your stuff after you go frolicking in the surf. The inventor included a waterproof interactive wristband you wear which vibrates to alert you as soon as the theft occurs. The GPS tracking then kicks in. I presume the GPS capabilities means you can also find the darn thing if you forget where you buried it.

Do check out my past post on the lettuce safe. You can also hide your precious jewelry in the fridge. Although many burglars do raid fridges, I somehow think they will skip the rabbit food.


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  1. Knowing me - I would forget ALL about it and leave sans jewelry, ipod, etc.

  2. Interesting concept...but I'm one of those people who would forget where I buried it so the device would need a tracking option...:0)


  3. First thing I thought of was 'what if I forgot where I buried it' (which would be something I'd do) but after reading the article, it makes sense...I mean, for SURE someone would forget it if they didn't design a way to find it. Great article!

  4. Hey this is a great idea! I was gonna say though that it would get lost! good thing they thought of that with the tracking bracelet. My sis lost her hubby's wedding ring in the sand right after they were married..she was holding it for him while he went out to surf..stood up and dropped it..and NEVER found it in that darn sand!

    I left a thank you post for you on my here to see!

  5. I wish I was close to a beach with sand! Thanks for the comment you left on my blog!


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