Many artisans find their inspiration in nature - the color of flowers, sky and sea or perhaps the shapes of leaves and feathers. But what about the entire vista? Zelda Beauchampet is a clever Dutch designer who lets you customise landscape inspired jewelry. Her online shop, Zlda, features her stainless steel Handscape rings which are actually individual rings meant to be worn together. You could put together in any combination, an apartment (flat) block, trees, bunny and bird. Neato!

Do you enjoy a stroll in the woods to admire and be inspired by the flora and fauna? Then you will appreciate similar and fun acrylic Enchanted Forest Rings from Popdeluxe. They too can be worn as sets for a custom vista although these would not be as durable as the stainless steel ones. Each ring costs only $12.

But landscapes are not only about greenery. There is also the urban jungle. Take a look at the jewelry of British designer, Jo Hayes-Ward. If you weren't paying close attention, you'd think her rings are just interesting bands. But on closer inspection, each is a whole cityscape!

Her award winning jewelry showcases her technique of constructing from small building block elements. It makes for striking gold and diamond rings and bangle shown here. She combines traditional methods with modern technology in order to get accurately interlocking components.

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