I've done some origami and paper bead making in my time but that's the extent of my paper crafts. Quilling requires a whole new level of skill.

This paper filigree art form involving coiled narrow strips of paper was used by European nuns and monks during the Renaissance to decorate book covers. It's beautiful to look at but never in a million years would I have thought it possible to use quilling in jewelry design.

One person did and that is Ann Martin. She is a highly creative paper craft artisan who writes a blog entitled All Things Paper all about people who make fascinating things from paper. Her love of the craft will keep this art alive for many more years.

Ann has graciously written a full tutorial on how to make these amazing gold-gilded sea shell and starfish pendants using the quilling technique. Her instructions are so clear I feel people who have never done quilling before can understand the process and even have a go. As she said, people will not believe the pendants are made from paper. She doesn't mention it but I am sure you can protect the pieces with some suitable varnish. UPDATE : Diana Norman (see comments) suggested that quilled pieces will look stunning encased in resin. What a grand idea!

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