Alex and Melanie are 12 and the best of friends. It really shows as they both used the same design for their earrings and only changed the colors. I wasn't paying too close attention during the beading party but they likely collaborated on the design too.

Someone on a jewelry forum once asked what sort of jewelry to make for young girls. Well, I do know what colors they like. Two of them are above - pink and turquoise. And not to forget purple, too! However, Melanie says yellow is hot this season.

For those who aren't familiar with desert sun beads - these are made by covering clear glass beads with gold or silver plating before firing. Then a matte color coating is applied. The refiring causes the color coating to shrink leaving cracks rather like the sun-backed ground of deserts. It is a coating so be careful with them or it'll come off. I know because I was careless and it happened to one strand I had.

Beader Designs #: 526-527
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