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Best Friends Designs - Desert Sun Bead Earrings

Alex and Melanie are 12 and the best of friends. It really shows as they both used the same design for their earrings and only changed the colors. I wasn't paying too close attention during the beading party but they likely collaborated on the design too.

Someone on a jewelry forum once asked what sort of jewelry to make for young girls. Well, I do know what colors they like. Two of them are above - pink and turquoise. And not to forget purple, too! However, Melanie says yellow is hot this season.

For those who aren't familiar with desert sun beads - these are made by covering clear glass beads with gold or silver plating before firing. Then a matte color coating is applied. The refiring causes the color coating to shrink leaving cracks rather like the sun-backed ground of deserts. It is a coating so be careful with them or it'll come off. I know because I was careless and it happened to one strand I had.

Beader Designs #: 526-527
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  1. Alex and Melanie did a great job...I think making the same earrings but in different colors is what 12 year olds due... :0) it isn't until they are a few years older they are mortified to be wearing the same thing...:0)


  2. Hey when you have a great design, don't be afraid to repeat it! I mean - some people buy the same shoe in 5 different colors!

  3. What a nice way to give a simple pair of earrings a very special meaning! Way to go Alex and Melanie!

  4. I've seen the Desert Sun beads before and thought they were quite attractive but I did wonder if the coating was durable. It's good to know that one should treat these beads with care.

    Color has a way of changing the look of things, much like the designs that Alex and Melanie made, the same yet different due to their color choice.


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