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Anatomical Inspirations
Part 1 of 3
I've written about anatomically inspired jewelry before such as Paraphenalia's vintage illustrations of ear canal, ribcage, tooth, skull and brain made into notable pendants. Remember Margaux Lange, the artisan who made jewelry from Barbie doll parts? She had a great number of anatomically inspired jewelry too - her Barbie bust pendant was stunning. One of my favorites was her Barbie doll butt bracelet.

This brings me to today's feature designer, New Jersey based Ricky Boscarino who designs Luna Parc jewelry. He is the embodiment of extreme creativity. Repeat after me, "you can draw inspiration from anything!" Even enemas.

His medically inspired enema bag jewelry is made from a combination of three metals. The bags are copper, the hoses are sterling silver and the posterior at the top is bronze. Both pieces are available as pins but only the smaller butt-less piece comes as earrings.

His female friends including midwives and women who have undergone hysterectomies have also inspired him to start his reproduction series in sterling silver and bronze. His uterus pins below left are adorned with cameos and what looks like a mother of pearl. Then there are the sperm and fallopian tube creations shown below right.

The artist has expressed his creativity in many areas including his fantasy home which he calls Luna Parc. It is so incredible his home has been featured on television - HGTV's Extreme Homes and Offbeat America.


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  1. I did a double-take when I saw the title of this post. Lol! Hey I have a great sense of humor but you will never catch me wearing an enema bag ANYWHERE.
    The sperm are kinda cute tho.

  2. As you say you can take inspiration from any where

  3. No freakin' way! I may just be in speechless (1st time for everything!) disbelief! Love to know what kinds of sales those generate! Kinda dig the 'womany' ones! How DO yo do it Pearl?! Well, so much for speechless. Amazing!

  4. Oh my! Yes, indeed 'extreme creativity'. Hmmm..makes you wonder how popular these pieces are?! :-)

    Oh -what/who are you wearing? Enema. What?! Enema. No really. Yup. Ewwwww...


  5. somehow i don't think this will be the next big thing, you can find some interesting artist Pearl, peace for all

  6. Just stumbled upon this offering, all I can say is hmmmmmm... guess you can find inspiration just about anywhere!


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