Global Warming
Part 2 of 2

Climatologists have been warning us about the speed in which our world is warming up with potentially disastrous results. Our dependence on fossil fuels has to change not only because burning them contributes to global warming but also because we are running out of oil.

So finding and improving alternative energy sources like solar panels is key. But solar panels as jewelry? Well, Mae Yokoyama has indeed created a technology inspired jewelry item called the Lux Solar Panel Collar out of the latest green innovation.

The necklace is really made out of solar panels which accumulate sunlight during the day. Then, at night, the stored energy lights up the necklace's string of LED bulb "pearls". 

It takes two hours to charge up the collar to give a minimum of 4 hours of illumination.Talk about green fashion jewelry, one which features renewable energy!

Mae Yokoyama is a Master of Jewelry Design student at the Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Sweden.

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