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It's insane, this Twitter mania. A growth rate of over 700% in just a short year and millions of users including me @beadinggem. (Beginner Twitter tutorial post coming up in a few weeks). It's THE place to be these days for many individuals and businesses, including jewelry artisans.

Twitter is turning into something more than just another social medium. It is currently playing a pivotal role, along with other web tools, in Iran where access and dissemination of information is severely limited(see Iranians find ways to bypass Net censors and Twitter responds on Iranian role).

Celebrities have also been hopping on the band wagon - Ashton Kutsch was the first person to pass the one million follower mark. On April 17, a noticeable jump in numbers - some 1.2 million new users - was due to Oprah Winfrey tweeting for the first time on her show.

It's thus inevitable Twitter spoofs would emerge. Here is the first - Twouble with Twitter, an animated spoof from Super News about a guy who just doesn't get it about Twitter.

The video also incorporates the infamous Twitter whale icon which is displayed whenever the Twitter site is down.

Flutter is a delightful mockumentary which introduces nano-blogging - an even smaller version of Twitter. Users "flap" like humming birds in just 26 characters! Vowels go missing in action! This clever dig at Twitter is by the highly creative people at Slate Video .

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  1. I joined a week or so ago but I'm still not sure if I like it...
    Some people say it brings a great deal of traffic thus sales to their Etsy store...who knows???

  2. It takes a while to warm up to Twitter. Some of the Etsy artisans are funny and engaging so people grow to like them first as people and then perhaps to buy their jewelry.


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