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Aren't these gorgeous? It isn't surprising to learn Karen is an accomplished painter and so has a a natural eye for color and design. These were amongst the first earrings she ever made.

The first design on the left has large azurite beads giving a burst of color to the vintage brass findings. One refreshing idea Karen had was to put the chandelier component towards the bottom not at the ear wire end. Her copper chandelier on the right does have the chandelier component at the top. She added really long bare wires with beads only at the bottom with tiny leaves. The colors she chose go well with the copper metal.

Beader Designs #: 522-523
The Beading Gem's Journal
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  1. Very cute! If these were amongst the first - imagine the ones she'll make going forward?

  2. Great earrings. I especially like the one on the right : the use of the different parts makes them quite unique !

  3. Those are beautiful! Very creative and great first earrings! And they have lots of interest through the dangling parts. Good job!

  4. Lovely...obviously a very talented artist!


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