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Ultra Feminine
Part 1 of 2

We tend to associate lace with clothing and particularly lingerie but why not as bracelets? Sandra Bautista's Bracelaces takes ultra feminine lace out into the open and onto wrists. These are so delicate and pretty - the total opposite of masculine leather or chain maille cuffs. The artisan describes her bracelaces as drawings on the skin. I consider them removable wrist tattoos!

This Spanish designer attaches each length of lace to thin leather strips which are then connected by an adjustable chain. A bead charm completes the look. She has her own online boutique/shop. You can also purchase them through Charles and Marie for $40 each.

If you'd like to try and knit your own bracelet, Tina Hilton has written a tutorial on this simply lovely beaded lace bracelet on

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  1. Great selections of lace to use for cuffs! I have found myself in the lace aisle at Joann Etc. quite a bit envisioning bracelet cuffs, but never made it happen. Beautifully executed!! :)

  2. The lace bracelets are something I definitely would have worn back when I was more "delicate" myself. Would have gone along with whatever look I was sporting back then. Sweet!


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