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What's in a Name - Darley's Travel Inspired Jewelry

Travel The World Jewelry
Part 2 of 2

Today's post idea came from Chip Ward who came across the School of Everything's interview on me. He thought my name was most appropriate for a jewelry artisan. I never really liked the name Pearl when I was growing up because I thought it old fashioned. But now, given my hobby and small business, I think it's neat.

Many people seem to gravitate to occupations which fit their names. This phenomenon is called nominative determinism and was first reported by New Scientist back in 1994. Someone had noticed a scientific article on incontinence written by J W Splatt and D Weedon. It then sparked an avalanche of examples from readers.

Some of my favorites include Cardinal Sin, the former Archbishop of Manila and Usain Bolt, the current world 100m and 200m record holder. The medical and dental professions are rife with names like Drs Fillmore, Hurt, Swallow and Paine (dentists) and delightfully named obstetricians/gynecologists - Drs Lecher,Risk, Fear,Born, and Love and psychiatrists Drs. Brain, Strange, Nutt and Looney. You can see more examples here and here .

Chip happens to be the producer and photographer of PBS' tv series Equitrekking. When he came across my blog, he just had to let me know about his wife, Darley Newman, who is the tv host. She is an equestrian travel expert and creator of this unique travel program. Her first name, like mine, is also most appropriate given her profession. The Darley Arabian is the most important of the three founding sires of thoroughbred horses. The Arabian horse was brought from Syria to England by Thomas Darley in 1704.Darley Newman doesn't know if Thomas Darley was an ancestor but she thinks her name is pretty cool. I do too!

Darley combines her passion for horses with jewelry making. Her creations are inspired by the locations for the tv series. Her new shop carries limited editions of her jewelry designs using gemstones from each place. The bracelet above is her Kentucky Pearl bracelet - the freshwater pearl is this state's gemstone. Below left is the Scottish Blue Lace Agate bracelet - this gemstone has been collected in Scotland for centuries. Below left is her Icelandic rhyolite bracelet.

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  1. Hmmm. Yes your name definitely fits the persona I know you as (was that close to grammatically correct?), and Darley too. But BetteJo? Obviously I didn't get any direction from my name!

  2. I enjoyed this post Pearl...yes some people grow into their names...mine... Heather, not sure how that fits but Azure fits for me!!!


  3. Yes, names! We knew a family who's last name was glass. They names their first daughter Chrystal. Wonder if she makes jewelry.

  4. Gordon- glad you got that problem resolved. Thanks for the tip on that artisan. She does amazing work.

    BetteJo and Heather - I am sure your names fit you to a tee.

    Bev- Perhaps she went into glassblowing?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I grew up in a tiny little town (pop. 1000). In that town, we had Dr. Fox (the vet), Mr. Carpenter (hardware store owner), Father Hohly (Episcopalian priest) and Mr. Banks (owned guess what!). I always thought that was amazing.

  7. Ha! I am not surprised! It is more common than one realizes.

  8. don't know where my name fits in, Christine(Chrissi) Valerie Matusevics,both my first names are warrior names and I prefer to bead or do artistic work to bring beauty into the world- not destroy it

  9. Our local gas and electric company had, for a long time, a spokesman empolyed by them named Mike Power - always got a kick out of that!


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