Don't you just hate it when you get ready to use a spool of wire and it springs loose on you? The result could lead to kinked wire if you try and use it in that state. So here are three ways to keep the spool under control whilst you work and save your sanity.

1. Bowl it!
Just place it in a small bowl or a large tea cup to stop the coils from unwinding. This method is especially useful if you are stringing beads onto the wire as for wire crochet. The beaded wire can also be loosely coiled back into the bowl.

2. Bag It!
Slip the spool inside a plastic zip lock bag just big enough to fit it. The wire feeds out easily as the spool will turn inside the bag. There isn't enough room for the wire to uncoil. This method also takes good care of your wire as you can just zip it close after use.

3. Rubber band it!
This method came about by accident. I had been using wide rubber bands to try and hold the coils in which didn't work very well. Then one day one slipped. It was an eureka moment.

First slip the rubber band on and make a figure 8. Then fit the lower loop around the spool. The elastic band stops the wire from springing loose but will still let you draw from the spool. Tip : use an elastic that's slightly smaller or the same size as the spool so it stretches. A loose band will not do the job.

Do you have any favorite ways to share too?

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