For those of you who sell jewelry face-to-face, think back. Were there times when you had to bite your tongue or tried hard not to laugh with the oddest things customers ask? Well, there is now a site where every salesperson including you can vent and share those annoying or hilarious moments with those unique individuals. It's called (The Customer Is) Not Always Right.

Some of my favorite memorable quotes includes one from a beauty supply shop. They received a sobbing phone call from a customer whose friend told her she could get pregnant if she had a perm while on her period! She clearly couldn't differentiate between perm and sperm. Don't they teach reproduction in schools any more?

One woman desperately wanted to return her husband's purchase of a big screen TV because she was tired of the late night beer and sports parties and the mess in her house. The brilliant electronics store salesperson said, “Well, you know ma’am, you could always turn the tables.” Blank look. “You have girlfriends, right?” Diabolical grin as the penny dropped.The woman was last seen leaving the store with several chick flick movie DVDs. Her husband and his buddies probably never stood a chance.

Size does matter. One husband eying a 52" TV turned to his wife saying “Well, bigger is always better. Right, hon?”. Honey bun replied “I wouldn’t know…”

One clueless caller asked a law office for an attorney because her grandson was arrested for stealing a car. She said he was at a bar with friends, left and got into the wrong car, a Jeep Liberty. When asked what type of car her grandson drove, she said “Oh, he doesn’t own a car…”

The site had a few jewelry store stories when I looked. A jewelry store in Winnipeg, Canada received a call from a customer who wanted to know if the cleaning solution for fresh ear piercings was toxic because he "ingested a whole bunch of it". Why? He was out of mouthwash that's why! The solution is clearly not toxic because he lived to tell the tale. However, my favorite jewelry tale is below, verbatim :-

Looks Real Good, Hurts Real Bad
Submitted by a jewelry store in Puerto Rico
(I had a bag of large crystal beads salvaged from a chandelier. The beads were the size of my palm and very heavy. As I put them away in one of my bead boxes, a teenage girl walked up to my booth at a craft fair.)

Girl: “Hi! I love your stuff! Do you do custom orders?”

Me: “Yes, I do! Here, look through some of these bead boxes and tell me what you like.”

Girl: “Okay!”

(She looks though some boxes and gasps as she discovers the large crystal beads.)

Girl: “I love these! Can you make a pair of earrings with these?!”

Me: “Oh! Ha ha, those beads are for a lamp I’m making. They’re too heavy to use as earrings. May I interest you in a much smaller and lighter version of those beads?”

Girl: “NO! I want these! They’re so pretty and…bling-bling!”

Me: “Your piercings would sag if you wore those. Let me–”

Girl: “No! I’m the customer and this is what I want!”

Me: *sighing* “Fine. Come back in a few minutes, and I’ll have them done. It’ll be $12.”

(The girl looks at some other booths while I make her earrings. She returns, asks for her earrings, and pays for them.)

Girl: *putting on earrings “I love them! Thank you so much!”

Me: “Okay. Thank you, and remember what I said about the beads.”

Girl: “You don’t know what you’re talking about. The beads are like crazy light!”

(The girl leaves, looking ridiculous with the earrings, but then returns about half an hour later.)

Girl: “My ears are killing me!”

Me: “I told you the beads were too heavy, but you still wanted them!”

Girl: “It’s not the beads, it’s the wire! I must be allergic to it.”

Me: “There’s no need to yell. I use hypoallergenic materials in all my pieces. There’s no way you can be allergic to it. It’s because the beads are too heavy. I can give you a refund, but you have to give me the earrings back.”

Girl: “No! It must be the glass, then. I’m allergic to the glass! What kind of glass is this?”

Me: “…allergic to glass? Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘with beauty comes pain’? Well, this explains it.”

Girl: “Oh! I get it now! Wow, if it hurts this much I must look A-MA-ZING! *skips off*
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