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MultiStrand Necklaces Anyone? Some Cool Ideas and Tutorials

actually made the grey and black necklace (above left) before quite a while ago. Back then she just designed a three stranded one featuring square mother of pearl tiles. But she brought it in to a beading party so she could add two more strands to it. That certainly added more bulk and interest to this neutral toned design.

Susan left each strand separate but these are added to the clasp as the first strand. Adding a focal bead when you are just using seed beads will make the design pop. Dwyn Tomlinson over at BeadFx has this simple tutorial (above right/ link no longer available) which shows you a multistranded technique which finishes with filigree cone beads. See that bead at the bottom of the focal? It's a bicone! Not sure what's happening inside the filigree cones? Then check out Rubysbeadwork tutorial which shows you the eye pins inside which hold the strand knots.

Maura Buckner on Fire Mountain Gems has a tutorial (link no longer available) which just oozes class as it is a multistranded necklace full of Swarovski components in a swarth of rainbow colors.

My favorite design how-to is for a stunning multistrand pearl necklace shown on It was made by a beautiful bride called Stephanie. She got so many compliments from the original post showing fantastic pictures from her wedding that she kindly shared how she put it together. It may be just stringing but it goes to show the simplest of techniques can produce the WOW factor.

Desiree over at the JewelrybyDesire blog, has a neat tutorial for making a multistranded seed bead necklace with only one long Fireline thread!! She too uses conical beads at the clasp end.


I also like's idea of multiple wire illusion strands (shown on the left). They use clam shells or calottes at the clasp ends.

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  1. I enjoyed this post, very interesting and informative. I've made countless two strand illusion type necklaces and a few multi strand necklaces.

    I took a look at the tutorials...they are all great, with different ways of finishing...I crimp each wire to a hand wrapped wire which looks like a long eye pin, I put a long cone over this and then wire wrap so that nothing comes loose...has always worked well...

    Silly as it sounds the one thing I've had a difficult time with is getting the strands twisted...they seem to untangle on me??? So I don't try much anymore... :0)

    Great post Pearl...

  2. very nice, multiple strands should not go undermined! They take tons of time to design and string. I think they are lovely.

  3. Absolutely love the mixed pearl wedding necklace. I've been saving all my odds and ends left over pearls in hopes of doing something spectacular like that! It's awesome to see one all made I'm even more excited!

  4. I recently bought a bead spinner and made a multistrand seedbead necklace. I really love them! And the bead spinner makes it so much easier.


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