Vicky T. Hunt of New Zealand is a true art jewelry designer. Her pieces are works of art - all one of a kind. The materials she uses are in most part common to our own stockpiles at home but what she does with them all is unique.

Vicky describes herself as creative, redheaded and a marine cephalopod-lover. In plain English - she loves squids so much so she has called her business Ginga Squid Studio.

Her designs are nature inspired and do sometimes feature her favorite creature. Her Bruneau Jasper Squid pendant/brooch shown above features an orbicular jasper from Bruneau Canyon in Idaho. The design also includes a vintage blinking doll's eye and has many other components ranging from gemstones like amethyst, pink spinel, Thai Karen silver, pearls and different types of metal. The tentacles are made form merino wool.

Another fabulous art piece is her Rafflesia pendant/brooch (above). The focal piece is a fossil oolite - a sedimentary rock with ooids (egg-like) or spherical grains in concentric layers. For those of you who know your biology, Rafflesia is the name of a tropical flower found in the South East Asia. It is the world's largest flower - it can be over 39 inches across and weigh up to 22 lbs. Local names include "corpse flower" or "meat flower" because it smells like rotting flesh.

Her Opal and Spectrolite Sunflower pendant adorns a necklace made from wooden beads, sterling silver and yellow turquoise leaves is a stunning example of finding the right shapes, colors and techniques for a design . The petals of the flower are opals. She beaded a bezel around the electric blue spectrolite gemstone only found in Norway.

I am not surprised Vicky listed herself as a scuba diving instructor as well as an engineer, chartered accountant and most recently a mother. Check out what she's up to on her blog.

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