Churning out cookie cutter jewelry doesn't appeal to me. You know, the sort which looks much like other earrings. They just don't stand out as being different. I am sure many of you feel the same and want to do one of a kind designs.

Sabrina is relatively new to beading and already you can see she designs on a different plane. Both her vintage brass earrings here use gemstone rings - mother of pearl and hematite. Yet, she has made them very differently. On the left, she wired vintage brass filigree rounds on top and contrasted the round shapes with clusters of tiger eye chips. On the right, she placed brown cathedral beads within the hematite (hemalyke) rings.

Here are the design tips to think about:

1.Mix metals
Yes, it is okay to do that if you like the look.

2.Mix shapes
Irregular (chips) with regular shapes like rounds or faceted vs smooth

3.Mix sizes
Go with big and small. It's all about contrasts.

4.Layer in both directions
Adding more tiers as well as placing components on top of each other. Wire them if necessary.

5. Vary the overall shape or structure of the earrings
The earrings on the left show a round shape coupled with a flared one at the bottom. The earrings on the right taper down in size.

Does this help?  Check out more design inspirations on my Earring Design Ideas hub.

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