Candace Ang makes the most luxurious mixed media necklaces I have ever seen. Her 2009 Collection shown on her website store features her signature bib and blinged out silk ruffle necklaces. My favorite is her Ruffian Volume 1 necklace which features hand ruched floral silk chiffon material and Swarovski details (above left). It is a stunning creation. Her silk crepe studded Muted Ruffian Volume 2 necklace is not just goddess jewelry as she says but almost an architectural study in form and structure.

Often one artisan inspires another. So it was with silk ruffled necklaces. Lillyella was so taken with Candace Ang's creations she not only designed her own version and wrote the tutorial to share on her blog. It's not hard to make and if you use quality fabrics like silk, the necklace will look lovely.

For more tutorials check out my Jewelry Making Tips

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