Feeding frenzy? That's nothing compared to a beading frenzy! And so it was with last week's first ever bead giveaway from Bead and Save.

There were 40 comments within the first 24 hours alone! I really appreciated the readers who oohed and aahed over these gorgeous beads and who took the time to check out Bead and Save.

Maude said "My first impression when I saw the lampwork bracelet was that of a flower..then I read about the giveaway and got excited..thank you Pearl for thinking of us." I was indeed not only thinking of rewarding readers but also helping out the hard working smaller beading supplies stores.

A very generous BeadsForever said although she really, really wanted to win them, she added "I hate to let anyone else know but in the spirit of the fantastic women who are giving these away, I'm telling all my Etsy and Facebook friends about it."

I am sure many were like Maria who said, "Thanks for turning me on to Bead and Save! Their selection of beads is beautiful, and I've already started a list of WIWTBWIGTM (what I want to buy when I get the money)."

Many thanks to those who delurked to tell me how much they appreciated my blog and the giveaway. Some linked to their blogs which was grand! I didn't know I had readers all the way from Lithuania either - readers outside the US and Canada were indeed welcome to try their luck.

Yes, "Crankypants" did enter and shared her marvellous news - she got back her beading groove! Somebody called "Polite" also entered as did Larry "Bubba" Harmon who wanted to win for his wife! All in all an eclectic group of entrants.

But there can be only one winner. There were 55 comments (minus mine) and random.org generated number 24. So the person who made the 24th comment and thus wins the beads is Rebecca.

Congratulations! Please email me beadinggem [at] yahoo.ca asap.

Didn't win? Want more? Then look out for the next giveaway!!
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