The adjectives describing Patricia's polymer beads in last week's giveaway were all superlative - beautiful, stunning, jaw-dropping, lovely,pretty, marvellous and extraordinary. As one commenter, Carol, said, she dearly wanted to be added to the "growing list of opportunists" hoping to win these beads.

Speaking of opportunists, I am one too but not for the beads, lovely though they are. These giveaways give me the opportunity to "meet" the readers who chose to delurk and comment.

One new reader and beader who accidentally stumbled on my blog is Nannie. She wrote about how she hopes beading therapy will help her bring focus in her life as she struggles with a terrible and mysterious neurological condition called narcolepsy. Narcoleptics suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness but what wrecks their lives is the sudden loss of muscle tone or unexpected sleep paralysis - in severe cases, they collapse or fall asleep at inappropriate times. They have zero quality of life. The fact that the awareness ribbon color for this disease is black says it all.

Well Nannie, I hope you will enjoy learning about and making jewelry. Many thanks to all those of you who participated and/or checked out Patricia's shop. I wish a warm welcome to readers and subscribers who have recently joined me on my journey exploring the many "facets" of jewelry and jewelry making.

The lucky winner of this giveaway is Suebeads who was the 33rd commenter - the number generated. Please email me asap beadinggem [at] yahoo [dot] ca to claim your prize.

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