FireNFusion is a Wisconsin based glass artisan who has both an Etsy store and her own website, Dichroic Jewelry and More. She posted a really cool tutorial on her blog how to make a fried marble pendant necklace. Thanks Nikki for updating this link!

The marbles aren't actually fried in oil but baked in a really hot oven and then rapidly cooled in iced water. Some marbles will break apart but you can glue bead caps with wire loops on the survivors to make pendants. This is probably how crackle beads are made.

Now marbles have no holes so here are other ways to incorporate them into jewelry :

1. Don't have a bead cap with a loop?
Not a problem, head on over to Beading Daily for their free tutorial on how to create a wire bail for a marble shown below.

2. If you don't like to use glue, then you could make a wire cage. has a great free cage pendant tutorial. (update : link no longer available) The SeaGlassLady also on eHOW shows a more informal style of marble wire wrapping (shown below, link is now dead).

Plaidbunny over at the Sweater Surgery blog also demonstrates a lightly wire netted technique she tried from a book.

3. Want to make something other than a pendant?
Then make the classic double looped wire cage which you can incorporate into bracelets and necklaces. This excellent tutorial by Jinn on Wet Canvas shows you not only how to make the wire cage but also twist wire to form the bracelet below :

The Crafts Channel on Youtube also has a wire cage video tutorial which shows the main steps to make this type of cage. However this video tutorial uses a drilled round bead. The instructor feeds an eye pin through the bead covered with the decorative cage. Parts of the video are difficult to see as the view was often blocked by the instructor's hands. You'll get the picture though.


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