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Some innovative couples have found a novel way to declare their love and seal their marriages. Instead of buying rings which could be lost and cost money to boot, they are getting rings tattooed instead! Skin rings could also be substitutes until the couple can afford rings. For safety reasons, real rings are also not a good idea for anyone working in construction or with machinery.

In the past, people used to have their wedding date engraved on their rings. Now some people ink it in on skin! Surely the tattoos which put a smile on my face is the "I do" and "Ditto" pair!

Tattoos require a strong commitment to each other for they are not easy to remove. Many people including celebrities have gone the tattoo route only to have to ditch them when their relationships floundered.

The best known ring tattooed celebrity is the inflatable Canadian born blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson who had to have her ring tattoo initially changed from "Tommy" to "Mommy" after she divorced Tommy Lee, the much tattooed Motley Crue drummer (both shown above).

Other celebrity mistakes when love flitted away involved much larger arm tattoos. Johnny Depp had to modify his "Winona Forever" on his arm to "Wino Forever". Best yet, Angelina Jolie had her Billy Bob Thornton (and dragon) tattoo erased and replaced with new ones showing the geographic coordinates of the birthplaces of her children. She may have had the laser removal but you can still see the faint traces of the dragon.

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  1. Actually when I was thinking of marrying my former *cough* boyfriend, he was going to tattoo his ring because he simply could not ever wear a ring. But really, I gave the ring back and he never had the tattoo. You really need to be sure when you put that ink in your skin!

  2. Give me diamonds instead - they are a girl's best friend.


  3. ouch! now that's some permanency. although I too would MUCH rather have diamonds!

  4. My soulmate/hubby & I have matching "ringlets" - a custom made copy of our wedding bands tattooed on our wrists - like a bracelet. Although I have a small diamond ring along with my band, I'm not a diamond girl at all, so he lucked out ;)

  5. I'm a ring person but you know to each his own...

    Although I do have to say when I see people with prominent tattoos, how are they going to feel about the tattoo when they are in their 60's, 70's and 80's???

    1. I have a copy of my wedding ring tattoed under my wedding ring. As a mechanic i have to take my ring off at work. This way I am always still wearing my wedding ring. It means alot to me that I will always have it on. (Less I loose a finger lol )

    2. That is a wonderful "backup" for anyone who has to remove wedding rings for safety reasons.

  6. My fiance can't wear a ring at his job b/c he could be electrocuted... not my idea of happily ever after! I get the best of both worlds though! A shiny ring AND a tattoo. His brother and wife got infinity symbols on their ring fingers though we're considering "his" and "hers".

  7. Do you really think people are going to CARE what their tattoos look like in their 70's? The rest of their body and looks have already gone so why does it matter?! My hubby had his ring tattooed on after his DIAMOND one was stolen in Iraq. I prefer the new one. I plan on going and getting mine done to match as soon as our second child is born. It's all about the meaning behind it, NOT how it's going to look in 50 years. Also, instead of regretting something like that if it didn't work out, you should reflect on it and always keep it close to your heart because at one point in your life that person obviously made you happy and that is never something anyone should regret.

  8. agrees with Hubers wife....tattoos ROCK! and I think "old folks" with tatt's are awesome! I wanna be an old tattooed up granny :)
    I have a fairly large design on shoulder blade & have my hubbies name on it & first of all seperation is definitley not on my mind. I would be devestated & shocked. But, if it did happen I would think of it as part of a I really loved that man....
    I want a wedding band also, I'm thinking the roman numeral wedding date is the best idea, simple swirlys would be pretty but there's more meaning in the date.


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