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Two Copper Wire and Bead Bracelets

We often have fun making wire and bead crochet bracelets at our workshops. One thing we don't get hung up on is bead placement. We just go with the flow. Beaders are encouraged to string the beads according to any order they wish. Here we see two results of the laid back approach.

Sheri worked with glass chip beads and the black, blue and pink ones on the three strands which then somehow clustered together on her bracelet. Evelyn's bracelet though had the transparent purple rectangular and whitish beads spaced evenly.Serendipity rules!

For the wire crochet tutorial check here. For more tutorials check out my Jewelry Making Tips

Beader Designs #: 549-550

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  1. Both bracelets are very pretty...they did a great job!

  2. its really pretty....i like the fine detailing on the bracelet]
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  3. I am really starting to like copper. Both bracelets are beautiful.


  4. Both bracelets are very beautiful. You'd feel very special wearing either.

  5. These are great, it reminds me of how fun bead crochet is!! I need to make time to do some of these, you get a real sense of freedom!! :)


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