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Bugle Bead Inspirations by Patti Ann

Beading Boosts 
Part 1 of 2
I reckon bugle beads are underused in bead work. Perhaps it's because their long shapes are not as flexible in designs compared to seed beads. But they are worth using to boost your beaded designs.

One artisan I spotted on Plaincraft (no longer available) was Patti Ann. She makes gorgeous beadwoven earrings for her Etsy store, Jewelry by Patti Ann. As you can see from the charming designs I selected, she has a wonderful way with bugles. Her purple rectangle earrings were my favorites - a bold modern-looking design.

She has no trouble coming up with different ideas and she is a whiz at color combinations to boot. Her Cleopatra emerald green earrings uses bugles in both traditional and unique ways.

Keen on learning how to do bead work or need some ideas to incorporate into your designs? Then check out the tutorial links on my past post Learn New Beading Stitches with beaded earrings.

For tutorials check out my Jewelry Making Tips

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  1. very clever, old dog new tricks, loves it - peace all

  2. Such beautiful work...if only I had the patience for such small beads. :-)

  3. Lovely work...I've used bugle beads in one necklace...:0) will have to try more!

  4. Great reminder about bugle beads!! I love using them,but I forget sometimes!! :)

  5. I like these designs but like Stephanie, I don't have much patience for seed beads either.


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