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For The Love of Beads' African Bone Beads Giveaway

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Time for another giveaway.  See those gorgeous earth tone beads up top?  Here's your chance to win them. These are African trade bone beads from For The Love Of Beads, a Canadian online store. They are perfect for people who prefer natural styles to glitzy bling.

Team these beads up with wooden or shell beads, gemstones or cord for one of a kind creations. I really like the speckled turquoise colored ones for they are perfect matches for actual turquoise gemstones. The brown ones look like they are eye beads.

For The Love Of Beads is a team of two couples - Emily and Suzanne are the beadaholics who have the fun task of expanding their inventory and managing their store whilst their husbands Mike and Hayden are the webmasters.Do pop into their store and explore. They have a neat color wheel tool on their homepage to help you select by color. What I appreciate about smaller stores like theirs is the selection of more unusual products like their wire pendants. Emily posted a project she did with one of these pendants on their blog - I love how she used a book as a background.

When Emily sent me the photo above, she also included this banner sized photo of an earlier attempt for she knew I would include it. I too have cats who love to check out what I am doing. Hers managed to roll into the picture every time she pressed the shutter as if to say, "These beads are the cat's meow!"

As before, just leave a comment (click at the bottom right of the post where the word "comments" is displayed) and follow the directions.  If you are an email subscriber, click on the post title to be taken to my actual blog where you will see the comments word at the bottom. The captcha code where you type what you see is just a way to make sure you are human and not a spam bot!

The giveaway closes at 7.30pm EST on Sunday September 20. I will pick the winner using and post who won as soon as possible after that.

The contest is open to readers everywhere. If you are shy about using your real name, pseudonames are allowed - funny ones are positively encouraged. Good luck!

Historical note:
African trade beads have a long history of being used as currency. Some of them were glass beads produced in India and Europe and these played a huge role in the exploration of Africa. One remarkable 19th century Englishman took something like 20,000 strings of beads to barter for supplies whilst he was looking for the source of the Nile. He didn't find it but he learned a whole lot about the relative worth of different types of beads equivalent to currency exchange information in our world today. Read my past post on Richard Francis Burton and African Trade Beads - be sure to check out the links at the end for African bead posts like the one on romantic Zulu bead codes.

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  1. I love those beads. Such wonderful colors. I can imagine all kinds of things to do with them.

  2. These are great, specially the turquoise speckled ones... They'd sure help with my unemployment therapy (having graduated college in dec'08 and still being unemployed, beading (and sewing) are the few things that keep me feeling productive and not horribly depressed). I hope I win!

  3. Oh my, any cat approved bead is a bead I want! Um .. or .. string of beads! :)

  4. I like working with natural beads and can picture how lovely they would look made into any number of designs. I enjoy your site and have learned some fun and useful things from what you post. Thanks...hope I win.

  5. I already have an idea for them -hope I win!

  6. I love African Trade beads...I've used them before!! The do make a great statement!


  7. I love beads from For the Love of Beads! I won't turn down an opportunity to add more to my collection :) Thanks for the giveaway!!

    Monica - I can relate to your unemployment blues! I graduated this summer and am unemployed as well...stupid economy!


  8. Oh I love the turquouise color beads! Please enter me into the drawing

  9. Please enter me as well. I love trade beads and rarely see them at shows.

  10. Ooohhhh, me likey....Definitely my style.


  11. I really wanted to enter the giveaway, the beads remind me of Africa (surprise huh?) I grew up there and have homesickness often.

  12. Have been looking for bone beads. Would love to win these

  13. I love unusual beads, I would love to make something special out of these ones :o)

  14. They would make a great match for turquoise stone beads! Very beautiful beads!

  15. Thanks for the lead to a great new bead site. The beads are earthy and unique.

  16. The beads are beautiful! I have just recently begun to enjoy the value of these trade beads and have fallen in love with them. I'd love to win these beads.

    I'm going to check out the bead site you mentioned--thanks for the link!

  17. These are just gorgeous!! I love this style of bead.

  18. just my style, bone, horn and trade beads, luv these, wanna place my bid to winn this giv-a-way

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  20. these are the kind of bead that lets you tell a story with. any ethnic bead ( american indian tribes all have meaning with their beads and jewelry. chinese and japanese beads , etc. ) i have stories to tell. love their beauty and terxture. want them!!

  21. I agree with Sheila. Handmade jewelry can tell stories and are infused with the personalities of their creators.